Auto Injury Recovery

Unfortunately auto injuries are more common than we’d like. We are here to help if you have been a victim of an auto injury.

Being involved in a car collision can feel overwhelming.  Everything changes in an instant.  Patients often express being overwhelmed; they have to get their car fixed, they have work to get to, they have pain, and they are often dealing with concussion symptoms they are unaware of which affects their decision making.

Often patients don’t even know if they have any insurance coverage which adds further financial stress to their situation.   It is crucial to get a medical or chiropractic evaluation with a physician who is trained and experienced in treating injured patient.

There are countless studies that have proven that even a “minor” impact at slow speeds can cause significant injury for a patient.  It is important to get evaluated immediately even if you feel your symptoms are “mild” or “minor”.

Sol Wellness Center, a clinic for chiropractic and acupuncture in Burbank CA, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of symptoms following a car collision.  We have helped many patients get the proper medical attention they need as well as help them navigate the often complicated world of auto insurance coverages and benefits.

In many cases, Dr. Kazandjian chiropractor in Burbank CA will agree to sign a lien with his patients which indicated he is willing to provide treatment at no immediate cost to the patient; instead, he will wait until the patient and the insurance company agree to settle the claim to get the patients medical bills paid.  This ensure the patient receives proper medical attention while all the insurance procedure, and paperwork, negotiations etc… are completed.

Please call us or make an appointment online today as ignoring any symptoms can lead to long term problems you can avoid by getting evaluated promptly.